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Dog Grooming in Leominster, Massachusetts

Richard's Luxury Kennel in Leominster, Massachusetts, proudly offers quality dog grooming services while your furry friend stays in our pet boarding facility.
Don't pay top–dollar to have your pet groomed before you leave for vacation. Bring your companion to us, where we'll take care of their grooming needs at
affordable rates.

Stylish Pets

No matter what size dog you have, from Chihuahuas to St. Bernards, we can provide the perfect grooming services based on his or her needs, whether that entails a specific shampoo or hairstyle.

Grooming Services Include:

• Haircuts
• Nail Trimming
• Shampooing & Conditioning

Our Groomers

Your pet is going to love their new groomer. Each experienced groomer provides individualized attention to every animal staying in our facility, to ensure that they are not only comfortable, but they are happy and healthy as well.
Dog Grooming, Pet Grooming in Leominster, MA
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